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Writing on Beach


Commercial & personalised commissions. 

Kitty has been writing poetry her whole life but it was the Pandemic which pushed her to share these on Instagram. Once on social media, her poems led to commissions for charity campaigns and the likes of Bill Bailey, Hannah Cockcroft & Kate Lawler reciting her work. Most recently, one of her poems was published in Metro.


Kitty creates a range of poetry - from bespoke commissions for charities and organisations, to something special for a wedding or funeral.  

Have a browse through her poetry below and feel free to get in touch to discuss a bespoke commission. 

Commercial Poetry

Commissions for advertising, PR for brands and charities. 

Bespoke Commisions

Individual poetry written for a special occasion, person, place or event, Kitty's powerful style will give you something truly unique.

Personal Poetry

Poetry from the heart, written with passion and purpose.

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